Welcome to the June edition of Voices, a collection of insights on resetting amid COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is a deep humanitarian crisis—one that is also causing unprecedented disruption across the global economy, and the impacts are likely to be felt for years. Leaders from across the infrastructure value chain are scrambling to keep their employees safe while ascertaining how their organization’s finances, workforce, projects, supply chains, and operations may be disrupted.

To navigate this disruption, we need to respond promptly and rethink the meaning of “business as usual”. Investing in infrastructure will likely be critical to economic revitalization, enabling a sustainable recovery for countries and the global economy. The goal of this edition and the 2020 GII Virtual Summit is to provide industry leaders with an opportunity to share insights on how organizations can best navigate the crisis, protect their core businesses, and reset for a comeback.

Over the next two months, we will continuously provide well-researched perspectives on the fluctuating situation, lessons and potential solutions from industry leaders, and sector-specific insights on next steps. These contributions, as well as a recap of the 2020 GII Virtual Summit, will be published in a compendium in late June.

We hope that you find these perspectives helpful and wish you, your families, and your colleagues resilience over the coming months.

Tony Hansen
Director, Global Infrastructure Initiative
McKinsey & Company

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