Virtual, 2021: Future-proofing transport infrastructure

October 2021

Increasing climate risk, compounded by aging assets, has moved resilience to the top of the global infrastructure leadership agenda. While most infrastructure assets are exposed to the impacts of climate change, transport infrastructure is particularly vulnerable and also critical to socio-economic stability. Adaptation will require robust resilience and risk reduction planning for existing and new assets, to counter the likely increase in natural disasters and extreme weather events. Successful planning and execution will require cooperation across the full value chain, including owners, investors, contractors, operators and regulators. 
This GII roundtable will gather senior leaders from Europe, North America and Asia, representing the entire eco-systems of rail, road, port and airport segments to share ideas and best practices on how to prepare for the impact of climate change on transport infrastructure. Key themes to be covered will include (not exhaustive):
What are the greatest climate risks per transport segment per geography?  
Which approaches work best to increase the resilience of transport infrastructure?
How does one conduct a cost-benefit analysis, prioritize actions, and get started?
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