Tapping into the next big skills disruption

June 2017

Exacerbated by rapid urbanization, infrastructure demand, and an aging workforce, a deficit of leadership skills may be the biggest bottleneck to infrastructure delivery in the future. However, the industry is not tapping into a large subset of the potential—despite McKinsey’s research that diversity is good for the bottom line, women currently hold under 16 percent of senior leadership roles. What proven practices can we apply across the industry to spur systemic change? What is the responsibility of industry leaders to drive measurable progress?

  • Alice Au, Senior Partner, Spencer Stuart
  • Lara Poloni, Chief Executive Officer, Australia & New Zealand, AECOM
  • Bruno Roy, Chief Financial Officer, WSP Global
  • Moderator: Diaan-Yi Lin, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Co-chair, GII

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