News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative—June 2021

June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of Voices on Infrastructure, the first of our shorter, monthly issues designed to cover a broader range of topics at a more regular cadence. This edition focuses on reimagining transit in a post-COVID-19 world.

Over the past 20 years, urban mobility has seen significant challenges, such as the growth of cities, changing user preferences, decarbonization imperatives, and fiscal constraints. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded these challenges for transit operators, with sharp declines in ridership and fare revenue imperiling their economic viability. This edition of Voices shares perspectives on reshaping the industry for the next normal, including technology platforms, changing customer preferences, sustainability, and ways to win ridership.

With the 2021 GII Summit behind us, we are developing focus areas for the next 18 months of GII programming, which will culminate in our eighth GII Summit in Tokyo in 2022. Based on the best ideas from our Summit Recap, our theme will focus on taking the necessary steps to achieve sustainable infrastructure. We will address some of the industry’s biggest challenges, including decarbonization, the energy transition, social equity, resilience, digital transformation, and securing talent.

Starting with our July Voices issue on preparing for the energy transition, these topics will guide our publications, roundtables, and site visits. Bold commitments and strong collaboration across the public and private sectors will be essential in solving these challenges. The pandemic recovery has demonstrated what we can accomplish when we come together as a global community in a disciplined manner. Organizations that step up their game now will be better prepared to confront future challenges—and contribute to building a more resilient, inclusive world.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we welcome your thoughts on how GII can continue to be a catalyst for meaningful change in the industry. If you have comments or would like to subscribe a colleague to Voices, please contact us at


Jonathan Woetzel and Shivika Sahdev, McKinsey & Company


Quickly delivering capital projects will be key in fighting climate change. Doing so requires capital-sustainability metrics that apply across industries and sectors.

Ruth Heuss, Tip Huizenga, Mark Kuvshinikov, and Prakash Parbhoo, McKinsey & Company



Sustainable infrastructure is critical in reducing carbon emissions. More efficient design approaches, new technologies, and better benchmarking can help.

Lara Poloni, AECOM; Nick Smallwood, IPA and the Project Delivery Function of the UK government


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