News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative—July 2021

July 2021

Welcome to the July edition of Voices on Infrastructure, addressing the pivotal issue of preparing for energy transition in infrastructure.

Achieving net-zero carbon emissions goals will require a deep commitment and a collaborative approach from both the private and public sectors. A successful decarbonization and energy-transition strategy will need to accommodate new policies and regulations, account for new investments and related risks, and adopt an unprecedented sense of urgency. This edition of Voices shares perspectives on some of the tangible actions that regions, countries, sectors, and organizations can take to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the energy transition.

We have officially begun our next 18-month cycle of GII programming, which will culminate with our eighth GII Summit, to be held in Tokyo in 2022. Creating a pathway to sustainable infrastructure will be our broad theme for this cycle, and this will be reflected in our roundtables, site visits, Summit, and publications. Details of these activities will appear on the GII website over the coming months.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we welcome your thoughts on how GII can continue to be a catalyst for meaningful change in the industry. If you have comments or would like to subscribe a colleague to Voices, please contact us at


Martin Linder and Florian Nägele, McKinsey & Company


Tony Hansen, Global Infrastructure Initiative


Frank Mühlon and Giovanni Palazzo offer their insights into today’s and tomorrow’s priorities for scaling EV charging infrastructure to meet demand.

Frank Mühlon, ABB, and Giovanni Palazzo, Electrify America

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