News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative—July 2019

June 2019

Welcome to the July 2019 edition of Voices, exploring the theme of reshaping urban mobility. Over the past decade, the mobility sector has seen significant disruption, yet most metropolitan areas have experienced limited performance improvements, as measured by safety, congestion, reliability and maintenance, and net carbon emissions. Our insights investigate the difficulties of addressing these issues and what it will take to move the needle. 

In this edition we have experimented with a new format, notably a debate on whether drones will capture a significant share of the urban delivery market. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future editions of Voices. Looking ahead, our September edition of Voices will focus on modular construction, and we plan to cover the topic of workforce and skills in our December issue.

The theme for our sixth GII Summit in Montréal in June 2020 will be the project of the future. Global industry trends—such as digitization, industrialization, vertical and horizontal consolidation, and rising technology investment—are poised to dramatically change all stages of the project life cycle. Participants will discuss how the project of the future will likely operate as a single production system, with technology integrated throughout the project lifecycle. Our program pillars will tackle fundamental industry challenges, including digital and analytics transformation, collaborative project delivery, leadership and workforce development, and future-proofing infrastructure. For more details, please visit our Summit page.

Our 2019 GII roundtables are in full swing, having recently hosted roundtables in Madrid and London. In June, we cohosted an exclusive site visit to Montréal’s Réseau express métropolitain with global institutional investor, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ). Visit our roundtable and innovation site visit pages to see past and future events.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Voices, and we invite you to share your thoughts on any of our GII programs. If you have comments or would like to subscribe a colleague to Voices, please contact us at


The Tesla gigafactory designer offers insights into what can be done to improve electric-vehicle battery manufacturing in Europe—a move that could drive the region into a cleaner future.

Evan Horetsky, McKinsey & Company


Tony Hansen, Global Infrastructure Initiative


To help electric vehicles reach ubiquity, governments and EV charging companies must ensure the availability of fast-charging infrastructure doesn’t become a bottleneck for growth.

Stefan Heldmann, Florian Nägele, and Felix Richter, McKinsey & Company

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