News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative—March 2017

March 2017

Thanks for the positive response to the December 2016 edition of Voices, on the future of real estate, which recorded the most downloads to date.

Our fourth Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) Summit kicks off in Singapore, on May 24, at the magnificent Capella hotel. We are almost at our capacity of 200 participants, including senior leaders from across infrastructure sectors and geographies as well as across the infrastructure value chain. Our agenda is designed to present practical solutions to the most challenging issues in our industry. In addition to the main GII agenda, we will also offer site visits and sector-specific workshops for real estate, engineering and construction, and energy and mining.

On February 28, the McKinsey Global Institute launched a report, Reinventing construction: A route to higher productivity, with GII roundtables held in Houston, London, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. Construction is one of the largest sectors in the world economy, with about $10 trillion a year spent on construction-related goods and services. However, the industry’s productivity has stagnated for decades; doing better, the report concludes, is a $1.6 trillion opportunity.

During the second half of 2017, we will continue our popular program of innovation site visits, which explore some of world’s most interesting projects, including the Panama Canal in June, the electric-road-system pilot in Sweden in September, and King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia in October. For more details, please visit our website.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our GII partners who have significantly strengthened our offerings: Macquarie, Siemens, Spencer Stuart, and Surbana Jurong. In addition, I wish to thank our institutional partners: the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Economic Development Board, and IE Singapore, and our media partner, TIME magazine.

Our next edition of Voices, scheduled for June 2017, will focus on project delivery and execution. If you would like to comment on Voices, sign up for GII events, or receive more information about our activities, please contact us at


COVID-19 is a humanitarian challenge that will have lasting effects on how people live, work, and play. By acting today, real estate leaders can best serve end users and ensure their own viability.

Vaibhav Gujral, Robert Palter, Aditya Sanghvi, and Brian Vickery, McKinsey & Company


Engineering, construction, and building materials have a vital role to play in a post-pandemic recovery of our communities and economies. Seven actions can help companies prepare for the next normal.

Jonas Biörck, Jose Luis Blanco, Jan Mischke, Maria João Ribeirinho, David Rockhill, Erik Sjödin, and Gernot Strube, McKinsey & Company


At the sixth Global Infrastructure Initiative Summit, experts shared perspectives on how the infrastructure industry has responded to the COVID-19 crisis, how it can restart and reset, and how it can integrate pre-COVID-19 agendas with post-pandemic realities.

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