News from the Global Infrastructure Initiative—December 2016

December 2016

Thank you for the constructive feedback on the October edition of Voices on Infrastructure. We are encouraged that our readers are so willing to embrace innovative practices and technologies to tackle the many challenges facing the engineering and construction sectors. 

This year, we have hosted more than 350 infrastructure leaders from 40-plus countries at 13 Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII)  roundtables and site visits. Topics have included rethinking construction, the future of airports, digital strategies in infrastructure, optimizing real estate, financing sustainable infrastructure, congestion relief, megaproject delivery, and housing affordability. Reports from these events are on our website. We encourage you to look at this video featuring some of the greatest advances in infrastructure and capital projects from around the world. 

Momentum is building for the fourth GII Summit, to take place in Singapore, May 24–26, 2017. A diverse and influential group of global leaders have confirmed their participation, and there are only 50 places left. In addition to addressing the most relevant and challenging issues, the summit will also feature sector-specific workshops, including one on real estate—the theme of this edition of Voices. 

At GII events, we place a premium on dialogue and problem solving. Our goal is for participants to share the latest data, best practices, and innovative approaches that can be used to plan, finance, build, and operate infrastructure. Voices, the GII’s quarterly digital publication, allows us to share these insights with a broader audience.  

Our next edition of Voices, scheduled for March 2017, will focus on project development and financing. If you would like to let us know what you think of Voices, sign up for GII events, or receive more information, please contact us at


To help electric vehicles reach ubiquity, governments and EV charging companies must ensure the availability of fast-charging infrastructure doesn’t become a bottleneck for growth.

Stefan Heldmann, Florian Nägele, and Felix Richter, McKinsey & Company


The Tesla gigafactory designer offers insights into what can be done to improve electric-vehicle battery manufacturing in Europe—a move that could drive the region into a cleaner future.

Evan Horetsky, McKinsey & Company


Tony Hansen, Global Infrastructure Initiative

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