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Rethinking infrastructure

McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) is a community of the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects, committed to identifying tangible ways to improve the delivery of essential infrastructure and get more out of existing assets.

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London 2018 Summit:

Oct 29 - 31, 2018 • Major project delivery and digital transformation

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Singapore 2017 Summit:

Recap the best ideas and discussions from GII 2017

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Voices on Infrastructure

A quarterly series of videos, podcasts and articles curated to reflect a single topic or idea.

March 2018 Edition Harnessing the promise of digital

With digital solutions poised to disrupt capital projects, companies must overcome their long-standing reluctance to apply these tools. Here’s how.

Steffen Fuchs, James Nowicke, and Gernot Strube, McKinsey & Company



Utilities have found it hard to scale their digital pilots up to full digital-transformation programs. Adopting digital ways of working, adding talent, and modernizing IT will speed their efforts to reinvent themselves as digital enterprises.

Adrian Booth, Eelco de Jong, and Peter Peters, McKinsey & Company


As construction moves into the cloud, here’s what industry leaders must do to lay the groundwork for change.

Thomas Wolf, RIB, YTWO Formative



Dubai, May 10, 2018

Construction Productivity in Digital Era

Completed Roundtables


Technology in Transport: How digital, data and analytics will disrupt the infrastructure value chain

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A Digital Revolution in Construction

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Airport Customer Experience Leadership Forum

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Digitizing construction and infrastructure

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Reinventing the construction sector in France

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The Future of Mobility

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Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution

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Reinventing Construction

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Videos & Podcasts


The global real estate market is changing. Standardization, prefabrication, and smart technology are gaining traction as rising populations confront the need for affordable housing and livable, sustainable cities. Senior partner Subbu Narayanswamy discussed these evolutions and more at GII 2017 with leaders from Barcelona Housing Systems, Arup, and the Centre for Liveable Cities.


How can airports incorporate design and customer experience strategies to craft positive end-user journeys? Executives from McKinsey, JFK International, Orlando International Airport, and CCR USA weigh in on how airports can center customer experience.


Shanghai-based WinSun is pioneering 3-D printing as a construction process. With as few as three employees overseeing the process, commercially viable houses are being built in under one week, using materials from construction and industrial waste. Chairman and CEO Ma Yihe explores how large-scale 3-D printing could transform the industry with respect to design, cost, and time.


McKinsey research explores the underlying reasons for the construction industry’s productivity challenges, identifying the root causes and seven actions that could create a step-change in construction productivity. With $1.6 trillion at stake, where do we start?


Today’s airports must evolve to meet growing demand, new technologies, updated security requirements, funding pressures and rising customer expectations. These forces will grow stronger, as will the complexity of projects and the public’s desire for transparency into performance. McKinsey leaders joined executives from some of North America’s busiest and largest airports to discuss major issues facing the sector today.


GII has collaborated with McKinsey’s Capital Projects and Infrastructure Practice to develop cutting-edge tools to help leaders enhance the value of economic and social infrastructure. The following are market-ready:

Infrastructure Spend and Stock Database (ISS)

The ISS database delivers vital insights about existing infrastructure assets, helping governments, companies and investors plan for the needs of any given country.

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Roads and Bridges Benchmarking

This powerful negotiating and risk-management tool analyzes over 17,000 projects to help owners understand what projects should cost and where their schedules typically go adrift.

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Infrastructure Projects Analytical Tool (IPAT)

IPAT helps companies prioritize their spending decisions and shape their growth strategies by tracking key characteristics of more than 120,000 projects worldwide.

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