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A collection of insights on harnessing the promise of digital
Convening leaders to explore the future of construction in Spain
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Looking to the horizons of mobility and transportation

Pursuing new solutions in major projects and infrastructure

McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) is a community of the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects, committed to identifying tangible ways to improve the delivery of essential infrastructure.

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London 2018

Oct 29 - 31, 2018 · Major project delivery and digital transformation

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Key Takeaways Singapore 2017
  • Best ideas

    Key actions for leaders across the value chain

  • Inspiring ideas

    Looking into the industry's future

  • Cross-cutting ideas

    Engaging with Belt and Road

  • Sector-specific roundtables

    Real estate, energy, and more

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March 2018 Edition

Harnessing the promise of digital

After a long legacy of reluctance to embrace new technology, capital project and infrastructure leaders are quickly realizing that digital is no longer an option.

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Has the construction industry been thinking about capital project delivery in the wrong way?

Amit Varma, VEERUM


Stakeholders serious about garnering support for infrastructure projects can turn to technology to tell the story and highlight value.

Jan Bunge, Squint/Opera


Bringing together experts to solve critical regional issues.

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