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A collection of insights on future-proofing infrastructure in a fast-changing world
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McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) is a community of the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects, committed to identifying tangible ways to improve the delivery of essential infrastructure.

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October 2018 Edition

Future-proofing infrastructure
in a fast-changing world

Welcome to the October 2018 issue of Voices on Infrastructure, a collection of insights from McKinsey and industry experts on future-proofing infrastructure in a fast-changing world. Infrastructure is a critical foundation for much of our economic activity and social life. Demand is rising not only for more infrastructure, but also for infrastructure that is produced effectively and efficiently. But we must put a high priority on making our infrastructure systems as resilient as possible to emerging trends, disruptions, and risks. Tragic accidents and natural disasters serve as stark reminders of a broad array of risks facing our infrastructure.

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As the digital world becomes increasingly connected, it is no longer possible for infrastructure owners and operators to remain agnostic in the face of evolving cyber threats. Here’s what they can do to build an integrated cyber defense.

James Kaplan, Christopher Toomey, and Adam Tyra, McKinsey & Company


The country’s long-term vision, use of innovative technologies, and stakeholder engagement efforts have been critical to its success.

Khoo Teng Chye, Centre for Liveable Cities


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