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Read our latest edition of Voices, focused on restarting economies with infrastructure investment
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A visit to the Réseau express métropolitain in Montréal

Pursuing new solutions in major projects and infrastructure

McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) is a community of the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects, committed to identifying tangible ways to improve the delivery of essential infrastructure.

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Upcoming Summit

Montréal (Virtual) 2021

April 6-8, 2021

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Key Takeaways Virtual Summit 2020
  • Responding to COVID-19

  • Resetting amid COVID-19

  • Integrating the pre-COVID-19 agenda

  • Assessing the sector perspective

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January 2021 Edition

Restarting economies with infrastructure investment

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Infrastructure projects can create jobs and spur economic growth—both critical as the world reckons with the fallout from COVID-19. But budgets are tight, so which projects should be prioritized?

Aaron BielenbergSarah BrodyPaul Jacobson, and Rebecka Pritchard, McKinsey & Company


The post-pandemic recovery could be decisive in the fight against climate change. Our analysis illustrates how policy makers can bring economic, environmental, and social priorities together.

Hauke Engel, Alastair Hamilton, Solveigh Hieronimus, and Tomas Nauclér, McKinsey & Company


Bringing together experts to solve critical regional issues.

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