Since 2012, McKinsey & Company’s Global Infrastructure Initiative has convened many of the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure to identify opportunities to optimize the $9 trillion in annual investments and take action to drive industry-wide change.

The Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) was created as a vehicle to help unlock the recurring infrastructure bottlenecks, explore new frontiers, and drive change in the industry. The end goal is to deliver essential infrastructure faster, better and cheaper, thereby enabling economic growth and contributing to more resilient, stable, and secure communities.

GII has hosted three successful summits (Istanbul in 2012; Rio de Janeiro in 2014; and San Francisco in 2015) and a series of regional roundtables around the world, laying the foundation for a community of infrastructure leaders, committed to leading this change.

Our last GII Summit took place in San Francisco on November 18-20, 2015, and explored how innovation and technology can disrupt and improve infrastructure delivery. The fourth GII Summit will take place in Asia in April or May 2017.

Our Round Table Locations Click on a location for more details.
Conference Location Past Roundtable Location Upcoming Roundtable Location
  • China Beijing
    Navigating One Belt One Road May 7, 2015 Learn more »
  • UK London
    Navigating digital, transforming transport June 4, 2015 Learn more »
  • USA New York City
    Building the pipeline of bankable projects May 21, 2015 Learn more »
  • USA Philadelphia
    Optimizing passenger experiences in airports June 9, 2015 Learn more »
  • India Mumbai
  • Mexico Mexico City
  • South Africa Johannesburg
    Boosting infrastructure productivity September 8, 2015 Learn more »
Conference Location Past Roundtable Location Upcoming Roundtable Location

The Global Infrastructure Initiative is an invitation-only event, limited to the most senior leaders in the global development and infrastructure sector. Participants include leading policy makers, planners, investors, financiers, builders, owners, and operators. Read more about McKinsey's Capital Projects & Infrastructure practice

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